Ten Commandments of Work

Ten Commandments of Work

This week we begin our series called Happy Monday. Your work is incredibly important to your life.; you define yourself in part by the job you do, you fantasize about what job is next, and you engage with or avoid people based on their jobs. Work defines us. What’s more than that is that your work is incredibly important to God. Work is kingdom ordained and kingdom oriented, meaning that our work carries purpose not only for us but as we grow and engage with God. Yet our work can be challenging, leading us to resentment, joylessness, and burnout. So, what do we do with the problem and the potential for work?

This week we are diving into a series that helps us to uncover how our work life and our God life come into one. We will be exploring how we can find joy, purpose, and happiness in our work lives. By exploring the 10 Commandments for work, we will reshape our approach and understanding of the jobs we do. Join us as we learn how to find joy in our work.

Next Steps

  • I will thank God it’s Monday at the start of my workweek.
  • I will do my work with all my heart, as if I’m doing it for Jesus.
  • I will do my work with the awareness that Jesus is with me.
  • I will be humble and learn the truth about myself at work.
  • I will not compare my career advancement with others.
  • I will expect work to be challenging, where there are problems and difficulty.
  • I will do my job as Jesus would do my job.
  • I will give myself fully to my work.
  • I will view my work as a place where spiritual formation happens.
  • I will expand my network by asking the question, “How can I help?”
  • I will remember those who cannot find work.
  • I will join the work of God in my community, regardless of my age or place of life.
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