That’s Me

That’s Me

Pride, fear, image management — all factors that often comprise the denial of any need for help. Most times we won’t change until the pain becomes greater than our fear of change, and the reality is we can’t change without divine intervention.

When we humble ourselves and admit our weakness, God’s strength then has permission to begin to flow through us and start to transform us from the inside out. He alone has the power to help us find freedom. There is power in the admission of powerlessness.

This message is the first in this series on finding freedom in the grace and strength of God.

We’ll do a little “That’s me” liturgy together.

Here’s what step one looks like.

  • I am a mess on my own.
  • I am powerless over my own ego, and my life is unmanageable, and I need God.
  • Left to myself, I will waste my one and only life in stupid ways.
  • I will damage and neglect relationship.
  • I will make idols of success and my reputation.
  • I will dishonor my sexuality.
  • I will use words which I’m supposed to use for God to deceive people.
  • I will use people for my own advancement when I’m supposed to serve the church.
  • I will serve myself instead of serving others, instead of serving you.
  • Greed will rule my wallet.
  • Resentments will fill my heart in a nanosecond.
  • Pride will govern my choices.
  • Ego will just dominate my life.
  • Left to myself, I will spend a pathetic existence trying to polish my outer image and hide so no one can see what an egocentric sinner I am on the inside.
  • If successful in this, I will go to my grave a respectable fraud.
  • I’m a mess, and I need God.

And all the people said, “That’s me.”

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