The Extraordinary Life

The Extraordinary Life

Moses was one of the most extraordinary human beings to ever live. He was the founder of the nation of Israel; he was the giver of the law; he established Israel’s worship; he organized Israel’s government; and he led Israel to freedom. Outside of Jesus Christ, we could argue Moses was the single most influential human being to ever live.

While Moses was a remarkable human being, he could claim a somewhat dysfunctional start to life. He made some unwise decisions in his younger years. In midlife he used every argument he could think of to challenge God’s call on his life. However, through it all God remained faithful to this rather ordinary individual and together, they accomplished an extraordinary event that resonated throughout world history.

God may call you at a time when you feel ordinary, unworthy, incapable or far from him to accomplish something great that he has for you. Just like Moses, you could be headed for an extraordinary life like you’ve never experienced before.

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