The Last Blind Spot

The Last Blind Spot

Palm Sunday is not merely a day that marks our calendar as we draw closer to Easter. Palm Sunday is also a story that reveals how Jesus’ 12 disciples carried a blindspot, one that challenged their faith. Join us this week as we uncover how our blindspots about God can help or hinder our faith.

Next Steps

  • I will spend time reading John 8 and John 12 as I prepare for Easter Sunday
  • I will think about my life and if anything is holding me back from God
  • I will uncover how my blindspot is challenging my faith
  • I will find a group of people, or join a small group, to process challenging situations and blindspots
  • I will spend time in prayer trying to understand what God is trying to show me this week
  • I will surrender a blindspot to God
  • I will reflect on one of the blindspots we have covered the last few weeks and make a plan to remove this blindspot
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