Tools For The People-Building Business

Tools For The People-Building Business

All of us work; we all have a job or jobs that we fill our time and task lists with. And while our titles or job descriptions may differ, all our work includes some form of people-building. From parents who encourage kids to nurses who build up patients to CEOs who build up employees, we all edify others.

Paul paints a beautiful picture of what it means to work in Ephesians 4. Drawing from the language used in architecture, Paul notes how the main action found in all work is edification or building others up. Edification isn’t merely a word tossed around for construction, and Paul notes that it is a word that aligns with an expansive and deeply meaningful building process, aligning what we do in our work lives and how we build others up with important architectural projects.

Paul takes this word with this rich building background and says God’s ultimate desire is that this be what happens to his people. So this week, we’ll talk about the tools we need to be master crafters in this process of edifying or building up others.

Next Steps

  • I will assess whether or not i’m experiencing maximum growth (Flow) by considering the challenge-factor and capacity-factor in my life and work.
  • I will assess those who work for me to help them experience maximum growth (Flow).
  • I will follow Jesus’ example by wisely distributing problems, and then increasing capacity to the develop those I lead.
  • I will use my words to build up those around me.
  • I will speak the truth in love for the purpose of edifying those I work with.
  • I will keep hope alive in my workplace.
  • I will live with the understanding that Jesus is right here right now in this moment, and anything is possible.
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