Truth Really Does Set Us Free

Truth Really Does Set Us Free

Have you ever heard the line, loose lips sink ships? Many of us have, the phrase originated on propaganda posters during World War II, a sort of warning against saying the wrong thing to the wrong people. We could arguably use the same slogan when we talk about our propensity to lie; our own loose lips sink our ship, meaning that when our lies slip from our lips our truth sinks.

This week we look at one dynamic, one problem, in Jacob’s life that’s persistent the whole way through. Deceit. Lies. Lying was a bit of a family trait; Jacob’s family lied, his relatives lied, and he lied. Trading lies for vulnerability Jacob fell into a cycle of lying, and then he felt the sting of what it was like to be lied to. Ultimately all the lies lead to failures, as they always do. If only Jacob was confident in God’s purpose and plan, maybe he would move past the lies and into the truth, away from deceit and destruction and into the light and life of God.

Jacob’s story isn’t foreign to us, we like Jacob often are trapped by patterns of deceit. The reason we lie is we’re not confident God will take care of us if we just tell the truth. To live in confidence with God would be to actually be able to live in the truth. That’s the invitation this week — to live in confidence in the grace, mercy and love of God.

Next Steps

  • I will step out of the darkness and into the light.
  • I will bring my guilt, shame and regret before God and another person I trust.
  • I will receive God’s mercy, grace and love.
  • I will live in confidence with God because I have nothing to hide.
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