Have you ever told a lie? We often deceive others with our words – both with the words we speak and the words we omit. We can even deceive others with the tone of our voice and the gestures that we make. We tell ourselves we don’t do it on purpose, but when getting what we want is threatened, lying is often the most convenient option.

However, Jesus says those who live in the Kingdom of God are truth-tellers. They don’t manipulate people for their own benefit. We need to confess our lies to those we have deceived and begin living a life that is trustworthy. We need to make a commitment to tell the truth, even when it is costly, for it is essential to building authentic community and relationships.

Next Steps

  • I will make the decision — “I’m not going to lie anymore.”
  • I will endure pain for the sake of telling the truth.
  • I will pause throughout the week and say, “Here’s my chance to tell the truth and practice what Jesus taught.”
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