When “I Do” Doesn’t Last

When “I Do” Doesn’t Last

For the last couple months we’ve been learning what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount, and the passage we look at this week is part of a section where Jesus redefines what makes someone a good person. He started with anger, then sexuality, and this week Jesus talks about who is a good person when it comes to divorce and remarriage. Jesus doesn’t give laws. He describes what surpassing goodness looks like.

But many people have a serious question when it comes to divorce, which is, “When is divorce acceptable from a biblical point of view?” So this Sunday we will look at what rabbis in Jesus’ day taught about divorce and then see what Jesus himself taught. Our hope is that this will be a message of great clarity, hope and healing.

Next Steps

  • I will seek input and wisdom from a pastor and professional counselor before considering divorce.
  • I will talk to my spouse about our relationship.
  • I will get out of the environment where there is danger and physical abuse.
  • I will guard my heart from pride, self-righteousness, and judgment as I interact with those who are divorced in our community.
  • I will extend grace and truth to those who are struggling.
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