Teen Esteem

Teen Esteem

Partnership Description

Teen Esteem exists to help students think through their choices and to consider the negative and potentially lifelong consequences of risky adolescent behavior. Their volunteer speakers share a curriculum that addresses the importance of making healthy, informed decisions. The Blue Oaks partnership will support all of their operations. Volunteers will have opportunities to help teens understand their true value and help parents come alongside their teens in meaningful ways.

School Assembly Helps End Teens Drug Use

Sarah, a senior at a local high school was heart broken when she discovered that one of her best friends had become addicted to Xanax and another to Oxycontin. She wanted desperately to help them so she reached out to Teen Esteem.

She described the party scene in her high school as growing. She said that Molly is commonly used at school dances, while prescription drug abuse is scattered through parties and everyday life and that binge drinking now often includes the use of narcotics. Sarah referenced one incident in May in which an 18 year old from Foothill high school was killed by a police officer in Dublin when the student who was believed to have been on meth ran after the officer with a baseball bat.

Sarah hoped that her friends might discover through a Teen Esteem assembly or classroom presentation that they are worth more than what the party scene and peers at school tell them. She wanted them to hear the Teen Esteem message that rather than a red party cup that is disposable or a mug that is replaceable, they are like tea cups, invaluable.

Sarah’s friends began to see how passionate she was about this issue and their recovery that they began to seek help. Today they are no longer using thanks to Sarah and the connection she made with Teen Esteem.

Key Facts

  • Volunteer speakers have educated 150,000 middle school and high school students through classroom presentations, assemblies and community workshops
  • Teen Esteem has reached more than 10,000 parents through parent information nights and Lunch nLearn opportunities with local businesses.

Service Opportunities

  • Volunteer at an event
  • Data entry
  • Video editing
  • Social media strategy
  • Host an informational coffee/dessert for parents
  • Marketing
  • Curriculum development
  • Grant writer
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