Kids Ministry Family Experience
  • 4375 Foothill Rd, Pleasanton CA 94566

  • Foothill Highschool Rm #C-6

Kids Ministry Family Experience

How many times do you get to share a fun experience with your kids instead of dropping them off to have fun without you? We want you to step into their world of Blue Oaks Kids when you join us for our newest event!

Our Family Experience is a family friendly, kid focused multimedia production with something for everyone. We’ll have worship, skits, and a Bible story that teaches our key value for the night. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget food…there will of course be snacks!

This event is a great way to share a fun event with your kids AND gives you opportunities to start conversations at home around spiritual values.

Each quarter we’ll focus on a new value that will preview what we’ll be learning the next month in Blue Oaks Kids.

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Over the years, certain events stand out in our minds as meaningful and memorable family experiences. There might be picnics, walks, ball games and yes, even occasional trips to Disneyland. And what do all of these memories have in common? My family experienced them together.

Maybe you’ve had similar shared experiences with your family. Maybe there were bike rides, movies, church traditions, vacations, meals, games, or a dozen other events and activities only you and your family can fill in. And while many of these experiences seemed small at the time, they have each created a lasting memory.

In fact,  the experiences families share with each other shape the way children see the world. Parents have the opportunity to use those shared experiences, whether they are good or bad, as teachable moments to help shape the way their child sees the world.

Our goal at Blue Oaks is to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to assist you in creating a shared experience that is designed to help shape the way children and parents see faith … together. We want to provide an environment that gives parents the cues you need to nurture your child’s growing faith throughout the week. And the most critical time in a child’s life to form a foundation of faith within the family is during the elementary years.

Our Family Experience is built on one big idea: it’s not what happens during the family experiences that is most important, but what happens between them…Family Experience is a jumping off point for intentional conversations with your kids during the week.


Registration coming soon

Who:TK – 5 Kids and their Families
When:December 8th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where:Foothill High, Room C-6
How much:FREE!

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