Get Connected
  • Foothill High School
    4375 Foothill Road
    Pleasanton, CA 94588

  • Blue Oaks Church

Get Connected

There’s more to church than a seat on Sunday. 

Since the beginning, The Church has always been about connecting with others. It began in small groups of people, and as it grew over the last two centuries into crowds, staying connected to others has always remained at the core. 

Our desire is that everyone at Blue Oaks is connected and building relationships with others. GET CONNECTED is where you’ll hear a personal story of connection, the story of Blue Oaks as a church, and how your story can become connected to that of others and into the larger story of community. 

If you’re new here or have been attending for any length of time and don’t feel connected, GET CONNECTED is your next step! Join us the second Sunday of each month during the 11:15am service. Look for the GET CONNECTED sign in the courtyard.

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