A Resilient Life

A Resilient Life

What do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned? What do you do when a relationship ends, vocational hopes die, someone wounds you deeply, or your health fails? What do you do when you’re caught waiting when hope seems to be running out?

The Bible is filled with stories of resilience. The journey of the Israelites across the Old Testament is a journey of resilience. Paul and his travels, documented in the New Testament, are filled with stories of resilience. Characters like Moses and Noah, Joshuaa and David, Ruth and Esther, and Hagar are all stories of resilience.

In the middle of the Old Testament is a book of the Bible named after its main character, Daniel. Daniel and the characters surrounding him were extremely resilient. They experienced, in the face of tremendous challenge, a fierce sense of resolve and said, “I will not give up.” They enlarged their capacity to handle problems. They not only survived, they thrived. And we can do the same. Join us for this series as we learn from Daniel how to live a resilient life.

Next Steps

  • I resolve to honor God and live by my deepest values.
  • I refuse to live as a victim of circumstances beyond my control.
  • I will decide to take initiative and not complain.
  • I will take initiative and get connected in community.
  • I will remember God is at work in the midst of suffering.
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