Esther: Part I

Esther: Part I

God created us to enjoy physical beauty, so caring about our physical appearance is not a bad thing. But we live in a world that says who you are is how you look.

Our society has become so preoccupied with physical appearance, wealth, power, and status that we let these external characteristics define significance. And we strive to acquire identity through how we are perceived by others.

The Book of Esther, however, shows us that God cares more about the state of our hearts than our physical appearance. He takes Esther, a beautiful Jewish women selected to be the wife of a foreign king, and transforms her into a wise, active, and courageous servant.

Do you treat people differently based on how they look? Are you more devoted to building a strong and beautiful character, than a strong and beautiful body? Are you learning to live as a person who is beautiful in the eyes of God?

Our appetites for beauty will only be satisfied when we find our identity in the love of God.

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