Join us this week as we continue our series Simple Words, with a message on the word help. The truth is, we all have areas or things in our lives that we need help with, and yet it takes a lot more courage to say the word help than it does to hide, pretend, deny and act like we don’t need help. We all know we need help, but we don’t always know how to say the simple word, help.

But what if help isn’t just a word? What if it was actually a prayer necessary for our spiritual formation?

In the Bible, we see God described as “my help” or “my helper.” Characters like Mary ask Jesus for help, an act of prayer. In seeing God as a helper and in exercising the word help as a prayer, we can confess what we need, transforming our lives as we walk into Christ-centered living.

The central truth of the message this week and why this little word help has the power to change your life is this — we’re made to live in continual dependence on God in the context of surrender. This relationship of joyful dependence, which can look like weakness, is actually life and strength. Join us this week as we look at how we can better engage with God as we seek help.

Next Steps

  • I will not hide and act like I don’t need help.
  • Like the servants in this story, I will do whatever Jesus tells me to do.
  • I will serve with a “fill it to the brim” spirit.
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