Hopeful Optimism

Hopeful Optimism

Hope is a quality that can run very deep. It’s a belief that the best is yet to come. Those with hope have courage that allows them to dream big and take risks. Hope enables us to endure pain and overcome grief. With it we are able to surmount obstacles, frustrations and failure.

From a Christian point of view, hope is rooted in our understanding of who God is and how God wants to interact in our lives.

This is a very different thing than the kind of stuff that we’re likely to read in the self-help section of a bookstore. What we’re talking about in this series is not simply a willingness to take risks, and a belief that everything will turn out well as long as I just maintain a positive attitude about it. That kind of naïve optimism is not helpful. It can be non-productive, at best, and dangerous, at worst.

Hope, in the biblical sense, is not about hyping myself into believing that everything is going to turn out the way that I want it. It is the confident expectation that an all-powerful God is at work, even in this fallen world, to redeem it and to bring good out of it. Which means I can face today with a resilient confidence and unshakable poise, not because the circumstances of my prosperity, health, and so on are going to work out in a way that necessarily looks wonderful from this culture’s perspective, but because an all-powerful, all good God is at work redeeming this world. He knows about and is deeply concerned about my life and the role that he wants me to play in this world.

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