Jesus’ Greatest Challenge

Jesus’ Greatest Challenge

Sermon Summary

In this world, which screams, “Mine!” the Spirit of God whispers, “Give.” Why? Because he wants us to put him at the center of our lives. That’s it. That may be a lot for you if you have something you don’t want to give up. But God doesn’t say, “Give and you will be safe.” He says, “Give and I will bless you. Trust me.” Join us this Sunday as we look at the story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10.

Next Steps

  • I will take a financial class to get out of debt.
  • I will move from giving nothing to giving something.
  • I will open my eyes to see where God is calling me to give.
  • I will obey when the Holy Spirit whispers, “Give.”
  • I will begin tithing.
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