Keep Asking and Seeking and Knocking

Keep Asking and Seeking and Knocking

Have you ever earnestly prayed for something that ultimately did not come to fruition? How did this seemingly unanswered prayer make you feel? This week we will study Matthew 7:7-11 where Jesus instructs us to keep asking and seeking and knocking with confidence, because we approach God not on the basis of our performance or our spiritual track record, but solely on the basis of the sheer goodness of God the Father.

Matt will help us explore the truth that God hears all our prayers, and that God responds not with reluctance but rather with attention. It is in this understanding that we get to bring everything to God, and bring it to God often.

Highlighting two kinds of prayer to help us ask and seek and knock, our time in the Sermon on the Mount will help us dive deeper into our communal and individual prayer life.

Next Steps

  • I will pray about whatever is on my heart, the ordinary events of my day.
  • When my mind wanders in prayer, I will pray about whatever that is.
  • I will make a commitment to pray for people who don’t know God.
  • I will ask God to open the door to spiritual conversations with people who don’t know him.
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