Spiritual Conversations

Spiritual Conversations

Almost every new person who comes to church will do so because somewhere along the line someone invited them. Christianity is an invitation-dependent faith. It always has been.

In chapter one of the Gospel of John, Andrew meets Jesus and his world is turned upside down. The next thing he does is go to Peter. The text says, “And he brought him to Jesus.” He brought Peter to a place where Peter could find out about Jesus.

Philip also meets Jesus, and his world is rocked. He goes to Nathaniel and says to Nathaniel, “Come and see. I want you to come to a place where you can learn about Jesus.”

That’s what believers do. Christ-followers for over 2,000 years have been going after people and bringing them to a place where they can learn about Jesus, “Come and see.” And when they do amazing things happen.

A researcher named George Barna conducted a poll and found that 25% of Americans said they would attend a church if invited by a friend. 25%!

Think about what that means. If that is even close to being true, hundreds of thousands of people in the East Bay are only one invitation away from launching out on a spiritual journey that could bring them home to God. Think of the difference it would make in the East Bay if every Christ-follower and every church would take that seriously.

This week we talk about Jesus’ heart for those who are far from God and how we can follow the example of many in the New Testament as we invest in and invite our friends, neighbors, and coworkers into a relationship with Jesus.

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