Teaching to Change Lives

Teaching to Change Lives

In our society we’re confronted with a lot of questions concerning our bodies.

How should I feed my body?
How should I wash my body?
How should I groom my body?
How should I exercise my body?
How should I adjust my body?
How should I work my body?

We spend a lot of time and money taking care of our bodies.

In this message I want us to give as much consideration to our minds as we do to our bodies. Our minds need to be fed, washed, exercised, adjusted and worked too.

Jesus could have come to this earth as a personal trainer to help us figure out how to care for our bodies, but he didn’t. Jesus came primarily as a teacher.

In the Apostle Paul’s letter to Titus, he warns us that unless we are being taught consistently about how to live wisely we will drift into foolish thinking and destructive behavior.

The world is filled with men and women who drift. We need to take responsibility for our minds and allow them to be formed consistently by biblical teaching.

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