The Wonder of Joy

The Wonder of Joy

Where does joy come from? The classic Christmas carol “Joy to the World” reveals the answer. While joy is being studied by social science and written about more than ever before, we can only find real, lasting joy from the one who was born of a virgin 2,000 years ago. He brought joy to the world that can be found in the midst of some of the most difficult days.


  • I will say yes to the reality that the good news brings great joy.
  • I will say no to the barriers of joy — pride, selfishness, indifference.
  • I will structure my life to make space for God.
  • I will say no to some things in my life to make space for joy.
  • I will be attentive to what God is doing in the world and make joy my response.
  • I will make it my goal to bring joy to those around me.
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